Romodeling the Rooms in Your House (02) Guides You Through Remodeling Decisions Before You Get the Tools Out
Bathroom remodeling isn't just a weekend construction project—you need guidance before you buy a how-to book or hit the home store for plumbing tools. With this site, you can read up on the pros and cons of bathroom remodeling, and make a decision based on financial considerations, skill level assessment, and time constraints. The site also includes a great set of links to additional articles on renovation and repair, setting a budget, how to hire a professional, paying for a construction project, bathroom decor decisions, mold removal tips, window treatments and remodeling ideas.

Check Out Electric Outdoor Fireplace Ideas Online
Before you build an electric outdoor fireplace for your backyard or patio, visit this web site to get some design ideas and tips. You will get valuable information about the types of materials that may be used to build a fireplace and find out what factors to consider when designing one. Discover what types of fuel can be used in an electric outdoor fireplace and how to choose the right location for an electric outdoor fireplace.

Read Helpful Articles About Roofing Repair, Replacement and More
Visitors to the roofing repair section of the website will find a number of informative articles on several roofing-related topics. The series includes information about types of roofing materials, new roofs and safety concerns, as well as how to repair different types of leaks and general maintenance. Other topics include waterproofing, winterizing and shingling.

Florida Home Builders Have Advice for Living with a Remodeling Project
The Florida Home Builders Association offers great advice on how to remain in your home during a renovation project without losing your marbles. The online article acknowledges it isn't easy, but by using their tips for communication with your contractor, and the how-tos for a pre-construction meeting, you'll kick off any remodeling project on a good note. For instance, contractors should be on the same page as you when it comes to possible work interruptions, instances where vacating the house may be necessary, and clean-up expectations. There is also a comprehensive list of living advice, such as setting up a safe haven free from dust and "chaos and commotion."

Learn the Basics About Granite Before Using It in Your Construction Project
Are you considering using stone in your kitchen renovation project? provides you with interesting and helpful information about types of stone, available surface textures, relectivity, and how stone hardness is measured. Get some basic information about how to preserve the beauty of natural stone after it has been installed in your construction project. Some basic information about pH balance is also provided.

Kitchen Remodeling Made Better With Tips on
Author Herb Weisbaum offers up a number of very useful kitchen remodeling project tips in this online article at With this information at hand, you can learn how to budget for the kitchen of your dreams, how to select the contractor that meets your needs (and remember—it's not always the least expensive one), how and where to buy the right construction and project materials and appliances, and how to set up a payment schedule that fits your family financing. The article also includes an embedded link to the five most common kitchen design mistakes to keep in mind when you sit down with your architect.

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