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Information from the Carpet & Rug Institute
The Carpet & Rug Institute offers many tips and information on carpets and area rugs on the Residential Customers section of its websits. Learn about the benefits of carpets and rugs (e.g., warmth and comfort, beauty and style, soften slips and falls, reduce noise), issues of health and enviornment (e.g., asthma and allergies, mold and VOC misperceptions), selecting the right carpet or area rug, installation tips, cleaning and maintenance (e.g., the right products), and other resources. Selecting the right right carpet or rug is more complex than you might think. The site says: When decorating your home, think of your floors as the foundation for your design scheme. An area rug can visually integrate or harmonize eclectic elements in any decor or can revitalize a room.

Rug and Carpet Fibers: Selection and Care
This is a University of Nebraska - Lincoln Extension publication that covers different fiber types and construction styles. For example, there are both natural and manufactured fibers used in carpeting. Wool and silk are most common for natural fibers, as cotton tends to crush and soil easily. Manufactured fibers include nylong, polypropylene/olefin and polyester. The article says that today about 99 percent of all carpet fibers are manufacturered. The article also talks about finishes, and carpet fiber care. There's a chart for carpet fiber characteristics, and references to other carpet selection information.

Bamboo Flooring Pros and Cons
Bamboo is a very popular type of wood flooring material. Bamboo isn't a wood, but rather a grass. Bamboo is attractive as a building material because it is very hard, strong, and dimensionally stable. Environmentally, itís hard to argue with a wood-substitute that matures in three years, regenerates without need for replanting, and requires minimal fertilization or pesticides. In fact, these larger species of bamboo have been used in construction for thousands of years, and even in modern Asian cities itís not uncommon to see a large concrete building being constructed from a bamboo scaffolding. This article discusses a lot about bamboo flooring and how it can be effectively used, and decoratively.

Kitchen Flooring Ideas
You can get tips and ideas for kitchen flooring, from laminate to vinyl, thanks to photos from the remodeling experts at, which serves as a primer to show you what's available. There are photo sections on beautiful kitchen flooring ideas, kitchen flooring otpions, selecting outdoor kitchen flooring, and how to install hardwood flooring in a kitchen.
If you're in the market for an area rug there are several things you should know, and this website is filled with helpful hints and tips. The site aims to help you learn all you need to know to make an educated decision in buying your next area rug. You'll learn how to tell a machine-made from a handmade rug, understand rug durability, and get ideas for planning your room and caring for your rug. An authethnic hand made area rug can tie a room together and enhance the beauty of a space more securly than any other design element. Begin by determining what size of area rug you need. Small area rugs and scatter rugs can be used to cover small areas, say around a table or bed or before a hearth, or a larger area rug can be used to cover virtually an entire floor. In the living room an area rug can be used under the coffee table and before the sofa. Always make certain that all chairs and guest's feet will be firmly on top of any area rug. If an area rug is to cover an entire hard wood floor, make certain that approximately 8 inches of wood are left explosed all around the room. In the dining room the area rug needs to be large enough that when chairs are pulled back from the table all four legs remain on the rug. Dark and busy patterns are preferable for stairway rugs. Dense patterns and a durable wool pile are best fopr entrances and hallways. Learn the types and color of furnishings that go with different types, colors and patterns of area rugs, rug runners, oval rugs and round rugs. There are also helpful hints and tips on the best use of multiple area rugs.

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