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Let the Chicks Fix It
Women make up a good portion of customers visiting hardware stores and home improvement retailers, and this site offers articles and advice directed at them. Information about several categories, including woodworking, lawn and garden, plumbing and electrical, is provided here. Whether the reader is a confident DIYer or has planned to hire a contractor for assistance, the information provided here wil be helpful since it is presented in a manner designed to instill confidence in the reader.

RIDGID Forums on Plumbing, Woodworking and Power Tools
The RIDGID Plumbing Forum, Woodworking Forum, Power Tool Forum is a site of blogs on the repair topics of plumbing, woodworking and power tools. But there are other topics in the individual discussions; for example, you may find an Electricians Forum, a Construction Form, a HVAC Discussion for heating and air conditioning professionals. Then there are several related forms such as Interesting Jobsite Stories, Business Discussion, Great Tool Deals and Computers/ Software /Electronics. And then, of course, there are is a Woodworking Discussion Forum, a Power Tool Discussion Forum, and plumbing forms such as Ask the Plumbing Experts.

Let Bob Vila Be Your Guide to Home Improvement
Bob Vila's web site offers visitors a lot of useful advice about anything in the realm of home repairs and improvement. It includes a number of articles dealing a variety of topics, as well as Smart Buys that visitors may want to invest in. A discussion forum gives visitors the chance to ask questions, share experiences and interact with each other.

Get Answers About Home Repair by Visiting this Blog
When you want to get answers to your questions from someone who has "been there" and "done that," look to the discussion blog on the Repair-Home.com web site to give you the information you are looking for. Visitors have the freedom to ask questions about many aspects of home renovation and repair and are rewarded with answers from other participants in a friendly and helpful atmosphere. Contractors visit the forum as well, and you can get the facts from professionals. Other participants are homeowners who have successfully tackled their own projects in categories such as electrical, roofing, siding, walls, doors and windows, floor and stairs, and heating and cooling. Questions about plumbing, landscaping and swimming pools are also covered.

How to Clean Outdoor Fountains
Part of owning your own oudoor water fountain is keeping it clean once it has been installed. Establishing a routine for regular maintenance will mean years of enjoyment for you and your family. No one wants to have a smelly fountain that doesn't have the right water pressure to look nice in their yard, and the instructions posted here will help you to keep your fountain clean and flowing properly.

Get Help With Home Maintenance Here
The University of Missouri-Columbia's Department of Environmental Design Department offers a wide selection of resources for consumers interested in performing home maintenance projects themselves. Visitors to the site will find a information on a variety of topics, including repairing cracks in concrete, using caulking to fill spaces around doors and windows and how to deal with issues in wooden flooring. Plumbing, furniture restoration and repairing screen doors and windows is covered as well.

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