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12 Room Decorating Tips on Houzz.com
In this article by award winning designer Judith Taylor at Houzz.com , you will discover 12 tips on how to decorate a room. One of her unusual advice is to choose a paint color for the house only after all your stuff are already inside your house. Besides giving some breathing room for furniture, Taylor also offers three different ways on how you can arrange them on your rug. She also suggests creating a focal point and varying of scale and proportion. For her tenth tip, Judith shows an example of a kitchen where adding layers of lighting was properly done. Lastly, she recommends going with something personal in decorating a room and not to always follow every design guidelines.

Decorate your Apartment
Decorating a new apartment or dorm room is just as important as a home. This site provides resources to help people decorate for all seasons. Fall decorating tips include using found objects to create focal points for rooms. Using rustic décor, there is an article that describes how fabrics and materials were used to create elegant homes and apartments. Learn how to prep surfaces, use glues and more to piece together found objects. Site also includes how to organize wall shelving, understanding credit scores and decorating children's rooms. Tips include involving children in the decorating of their rooms, keeping window treatments simple, repeating patterns with pillows quilts and lampshades, choosing lighting for your child's room and using wallpaper.

Get Instructions for Making Giant Bean Bag Chairs
Check out the instructions posted on this web page to make your own giant bean bag chairs. A handy list of materials is provided, along with detailed instructions for you to follow to help you make seating that can be used in your home or apartment.

Wall Fountain Ideas
If you are looking for a way to create a beautiful accent piece on any wall in your home or office, installing a wall fountain is the way to go! In addition to being an instant focal point for the room, any time you can introduce an indoor fountain, you are creating a sense of peace and tranquility. Numerous online resources are available to help you choose the right look for your space, and you will want to get detailed measurements for the wall fountains you are interested in to make sure you have selected the right size for the available space. Discover how to use a few simple tools you have around the house to figure out what the dimensions will look like in your home.

Feng Shui for Interiors
An e-book about feng shui. Chinese landscape paintings influenced my spatial perception. The interiors play with solids and voids to produce a movement to the looking eye. There is a natural flow and rhythm in this movement. Browse through the book to learn about seasonal feng shui, lighting, design elements, office interiors, home interiors, Eastern and Western design information, principles of feng shui and how to decorate using feng shui principles.

Decorating Your Home with a Theme
When decorating your house, having a decorating theme is necessary. Some common themes are country styles, shaker style, Italian country, Swedish homes, and French styles. Site includes a section on small home decorating ideas, as well as setting the mood for your house using colors. Textures are very important when decorating your home, and they add sensuality and emotion to your overall décor. Scents can be a great tool for creating warmth in your home, via candles, incense or air fresheners. Home lighting also plays a part in the décor of your home, as do storage systems and decorative objects. A section on decorating boys' rooms, nursery rooms, kids rooms, adult bedrooms, kitchen decorating ideas, French living rooms, sunrooms, and French dining rooms are included.

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