Small Office, Home Office (SOHO)

10 Tips on How to Have a Small but Efficient Home Office
Having a small but efficient home office is not impossible, and this article at shows you how to do it. Presented here are 10 ideas with photos that you can use as guides. This includes using walls as storage area in various ways, adding vertical shelves, downsizing the chair, organizing the drawers, having a corner desk which can help maximizing the space, and having a home office that is nearer to the window so it can receive natural light. One of the creative ways to use walls is to place cork on it so it can be used as pin board.

Get Tips for Starting Your Home Business
If you are considering starting a small business from home, check out the expert information provided by on this topic. Whether you are wondering how to juggle full-time work, a side business and having a life, how to start strong, or need to know about tax deductions you may be entitled to, this is the site for you. Advice about working with a business partner and bouncing back after a big mistake is covered, too.

Negotiating Your Auto Body Repair
The price for an auto body repair can vary, depending on the shop involved, and consumers can get the best rates on the repairs they need by getting quotes from several providers before making a decision. Once an auto body repair shop has been selected, drivers can find out how to get an even better price for the work they need to have performed. For the highest quality service in auto body repair Los Angeles, on the west side, see Westwood Auto Body on Westwood Blvd. north of Olympic.

Declining Optional Car Rental Insurance
Customers who are looking for a car rental will likely have to deal with electronic counter systems where the customer is asked to touch a screen to indicate whether he or she is accepting or declining the optional insurance coverage the company offers. The customer must read through the text on a screen and then acknowledge that he or she agrees to the terms before the next screen will appear. This site will be of interest to people who want to rent a car since it answers a consumer's concerns about car insurance charges which were applied to a driver's bill which were not authorized. See Rent A Wreck LA to get the best deals for car rentals in Los Angeles at 18, 19 years old. For a car rental in Downey, visit Marathon Car Rental, offering personal service and pick up within a 3-mile radius of its locations in Los Angeles, Culver City, Downey and Hermosa Beach.

How Small Businesses Benefit from Virtual Offices
This editorial article at explains how virtual offices help small businesses. Here, the writer emphasized that the 9-to-5 traditional office space is not dead, but he cited that the flexibility of a virtual office is an advantage to meet the tangible needs of a small business owner. The writer also mentioned that technology these days has changed the way people define a workplace, and noted that this change has been a great benefit for many business start-ups. Lastly, virtual offices are not also being described as something that use advanced technology. They also serve as useful tools for entrepreneurs to customize their work space.

Health Insurance and Small Businesses
One of the major challenges faced by the small business owner is affordable health coverage. It's no secret that health care is expensive and getting more expensive every year. Right now more than 45 million Americans are without health coverage of any kind. If that thought scares you silly, then as the CEO of your own home business you will have to find a health plan that is affordable for you. When comparing health plans there are several things to look for. First, What is covered? Not all plans cover everything. Make sure your plan covers what you need to have covered, such as doctor visits, hospitalization, eye exams and the like. Many health plans exclude things that you might assume were covered by all plans. Don't assume anything. What doctors can you see? Can you see your life-long family physician or do you have to choose from a limited list of doctors approved by the insurance company? What are your out-of-pocket expenses (and can you afford them) and how much paperwork is involved in filing a claim? Some health plans make the paperwork intentionally so complicated that most people choose to pay out-of-pocket for the majority of health expenses. There are a lot of things to consider when you open your own home office, including health care.

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