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Preparing For Disaster: Education for Families and Seniors
A disaster could strike at any time. Are you and your family prepared? What about your senior family members, neighbors, friends and relatives? Itís important to have a family disaster plan in place and a kit readily available in preparation for a hurricane, tornado or any other kind of disastrous storm. This site provides the tools necessary to create a plan, put it into action, create a disaster kit, and other educational materials. Each resource is in PDF format for easy reading, printing and sharing. You will also find links to several valuable information sites such as the Red Cross and FEMA.

Exercise & Fitness for Senior Citizens has numerous articles that discusses the important role of fitness and exercise for senior citizens in helping them to stasy healthy enough to remain independent. One article, for example, discusses a study that was published in the Journal of Gerontology and led by Standford University School of Medicine professor Abbie King. The study looked at people's scores on a standardized test for physical mobility. The study tested 424 people aged 70 to 89 who lived independently, but were at risk of developing a disability. Half the group walked 2-1/2 hours a week and strengthened their leg muscles. The other half of seniors were given education on healthy living, including nutrition, medications and foot care. All participants were tracked for more than a year. The study demonstrated that the seniors who increased regular physical exercise record much better results in walking speed, physical balance, and the ability to get out of a chair than the group who received health education.

Aging with Dignity
This site is geared towards people who want to take proactive care of their lives. If you have an elderly parent and are caring for an aging parent, this site is great for providing ways to safeguard the rights of the sick, aging or dying. Information on hospices is included, as is the 5 Wishes program. This program is a document that lets you express how you want to be treated if you are seriously ill and unable to speak for yourself. It applies to the medical, personal, emotional and spiritual needs of people. Itís a great plan for people to discuss with their families and their physicians. Many organizations are distributing this end-of-life document, which gives seniors the ability to speak for themselves about their care.

Keeping Seniors Fit as They Age
From the American Senior Fitness Association comes this site, which includes information about keeping senior citizens fit. It includes information about the SFA certification and testing options, as well as SFA training programs for senior fitness instructors, senior personal trainers and long-term care fitness teachers. Tips and articles include tips on yoga and other fitness programs for senior citizens and the elderly.

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