Caring for Your Elder/Senior (01)

Stopping Falls in the Elderly
Falls may not sound so bad, but for an elderly person taking a spill can be deadly. Thatís why building infrastructure to accommodate the aging population is necessary. This site includes information for service providers, individuals and families and researchers and educators. According to the data compiled from the 1997 and 1998 National Health Interview Survey, the majority (55%) of fall injuries among older people occurred inside the house, whereas an additional 23% occurred outside but near the house and 22% occurred away from the home (Kochera, 2002).† In addition, Gill et al. (2000) reported that older persons who resided in dwelling units that had no stairs fell in the following areas: hallways (10%), bathrooms (13%), kitchens (19%), bedrooms (30%), and living rooms (31%). More information is available, as well as useful tips about preventing falls in the elderly.

Disaster Preparedness for Seniors by Senior
Emergencies can happen at a moment's notice, so planning on a plan is best. This PDF is a 32-page booklet booklet that gives tips on getting informed, making a disaster preparedness plan for seniors, assembling an emergency kit—all for the elderly or those with mobility challenges. These tips provide you and your caregivers with considerations needed to help manage communications, equipment, pets and home hazards. The booklet was prepared by a group of older adults who experienced a two-week power outage when a massive ice storm hit the Greatwer Rochester, New York area. This booklet will help you decide what you need to devise your personal senior citizen disaster plan.

The Journal of Chiropractic Educaton: Exercise Therapy for Low Back Pain
This article, posted on the Journal of Chiropractic Education's web site, explains that many people who have lower back pain look to a chiropractor for treatment first, and several others are referred to one by their primary care physician. Low back pain is a common health complaint, and healthcare professionals are recommending exercise as part of the treatment plan. The article goes on to set out how a study involving 450 practicing chiropractors was conducted to find out how many of them recommended exercise to their patients suffering from lower back pain, and what type of exercise formed part of the overall treatment recommendation.

Children of Aging Parents: Helping Support Caregivers
This Pennsylvania-based organization, Children of Aging Parents, is a nonprofit group that aims to assist the nationís nearly 54 million caregivers of the elderly or chronically ill. It provides information, referral sand even support. A caregiverís guide, as well as helpful links are featured. The letters of support are the true shining star of the site; a section with letters written by real caregivers who want to take care of their parents but are struggling to handle their own lives as well. A useful place for resources and support.


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