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Important Rules in Decorating with Rugs
This article by Natalie Walton and Elle Lovelock at is about the rules when decorating with rugs. The post has advices from known interior designers such as Sara Silm of, Amy Walker, Jacinta Preston, Andrew Waller, and Sarah-Jane Pyke. The first part explains the important factors with rug decoration, such as scale, size, style, appearance, and materials use in making the rugs. The experts also gave their suggestions when choosing the colors of the rugs that can match the floors and furniture. The second part also has experts' recommendation on how to decorate with rugs.

10 Myths About Oriental Rugs
The purpose of this article is to function like television's Misconception Busters, the author says, because Oriental rugs seem to be steeped in the mysteries of the East and a lot of erroneous stories get told about them. So here are some of the myths and the realities behind them. Myth: Oriental rugs are identified only by design— reality: design is only one component, and construction is the method used to identify all rugs. Myth: all Oriental rugs appreciate in value— reality: most post-World War II rugs do not appreciate in value nor will most purchased new today. Myth: all old rugs are worth a lot; reality: condition is the most important determinate of value. Myth: Persian rugs are superior to rugs from other countries; reality: with notable exception, the quality of Persian rugs has gradually deteriorated since the early 1970s. Myth: never vacuum Oriental rugs; reality: you should vacuum and clean them regularly, but vacuum parallel to the rug end soas not to damage the fringe. Myth: knot count is the best indication of value; reality: the value of only a few traditional Persian rugs is partially determined by knot count. The other myths are that Oriental rugs should never be wet cleaned, they should never have a defender applied, a rug pad is a waste of money, and silk rugs are a great flooring#151;as you know by now, these are all false.

Tips, Trends & Care by Shaw Floors

This section of the website of Shaw Floors, one of the largest and most popular flooring manufacturers, provides information of use to consumers for choosing the right type of flooring, in terms of function and design, installing it, and keeping it well maintained and looking beautiful over the long haul. An article titled A Woman's Guide to Flooring provides shopping tips and design advice. Articles are provided on trends, on design, on color, decorating, and flooring from the perspective of enhancing home value. There are also articles on specific flooring types, such as carpeting and how to take care of it; about the shade and texture variations and grout options of ceramic; about the moldings, installation construction and care of natural hardwood; about construction and installation of quality laminate; and tips for taking care of area rugs.

Are Shag Rugs Right for You?
If you're looking for a rug, consider a shag. Shag rugs were first created over 50 years ago and were all the rage in the 1960's and 70's. Shag rugs are now popular once again, and are available in many exciting styles, from the traditional soft and luxurious flokati rugs of Greece (flokati Rugs have been made in Greece for centuries), to the modern sheepskin rugs of Australia and New Zealand. These rugs are best suited to low-traffic areas, and the site gives you more information about such rugs to see if they're good for you.

Flooring Projects on DIY
Here's just a small number of projects involving floors offered on the DIY removing stains from a garage floor, lay garage floor tiles, modular garage floor tile, paint a garage floor, install a hardwood floor, caring for a hardwood floor, paint wood floors, refinish a floor, installing a floating engineered hardwood floor, install a radiant floor heating system, tile flooring options, ways to personalize tile flooring, install a tile floor, replacing floor tiles, researching before shopping for carpet, selecting the right carpet, how to judge carpet quality and durability, install wall-to-wall carpet yourself, an innovative glass floor, how to repair hardwood plank flooring, how to apply veneer, repair vinyl tile, choosing the right bathroom flooring, fixing bathroom floor tile, install a floating laminate kitchen floor, select outdoor kitchen flooring, essentials of kitchen flooring options, choosing laminate flooring, installing laminate flooring, stone, cork and bamboo green flooring, install bamboo flooring on a diagonal, install bamboo plank flooring, fix squeaky floors, prepare for flooring installation, and install flooring around a fireplace.

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