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Books on Carpets from Asia
Select Books of Singapore specializes in books from Asia and has many titles on carpets from Asia/Pacific, China, Central and West Asia, and others, such as Tibet, which is famous for its rugs. One book titled Of Wool and Loom: The Tradition of Tibetan Rugs is the first overview of the Tibetan rugmaking tradition to be written in English by native Tibetan authorities on the subject. Introductory material presents a brief history of Tibetan carpet and textile weaving from its earliest origins to the present, including "planted-pile" textiles, drumtse knotted-pile carpets of the Wangden Valley, and warp-backed rugs of the Lhuntse region. It next traces the emergence of Tibet as a commercial centre of carpet weaving, and reveals an insider's account of the arduous process required to learn the craft, from apprentice to master weaver. A final section gives an account of wide range of functions for which Tibetan rugs are employed -- by nomads, by the aristocracy, and by ordinary people, including special ecclesiastical and equestrian uses.

Clean Your Wool Rug with Snow
Did you ever think that you could clean your rug with snow? For those who live in colder climates, unprocessed wool is just the ticket for warm clothing, rugs and blankets. With its high oil content, wool gives good protection. Fortunately, snow can be used to clean rugs. Old-time New Englanders swear by this method, according to the editors of New England Today magazine, because it doesn't make a huge mess or require chemical that could strip wool of its natural oils. Also, it makes cleaning a chore the kids can turn into a game. Cleaning is best done at a temperature of 25 F or colder, and on shaded new or powdered snow. Leave the rug outside a couple hours until it freezes. Then lay it on the snow and whack it with a broom, shake it out, turn it over on a fresh patch of snow, and beat the other side.

Hooked Rug Designs
On the site of Orana Originals (which specializes in Australian and aboriginal themed needlework designs for cross-stich,longstitch, hook rugs and tapestry), this section provides good-resolution photos for many well designed, colorful hook rugs. For each hooked rug design, a fully price list is given for needlework pattern packs, hook rug pattern packs, and special items. You can emails for a quote on kits.

8 Secrets to Pairing Patterns With an Oriental Rug
With plaids, florals and stripes, a good Oriental rug can stand up to almost any other pattern. Using photos to illustrate, this article offers advice to help master the effect. The first tip is to keep patterns in the same color family. It creates visual echoes that can hold different patterns together in a pleasing way. You can celebrate the art of the clash, and show so swagger, as long as you don't go overboard with too many mismatched patterns. By including neutrals, you can dilute the effect and keep patterns from overwhelming each other. Another tip is to keep the setting monochromatic. In the accompanying photo, the walls, draperies, sofas, pillows and flooring all have a similar orange case, which lets the rug stand out. Tip #5 is to combine classics. Timeless patterns (plaids, zebra, paisley) and classic motifs and pieces will always work together, it says. Another idea is to repeat rug colors in the furniture. This way other patterns can be thrown into the mix, while the overall effect is still unified. Pay attention to scale is tip #7, with a photo showing how a medium-scale pattern on the rug contrasts with a much smaller one on a chair and a larger one on the draperies. By varying the scale, you can provide an ebb-and-flow energy that enlivens the room. Finally, it's recommended to add a little whimsy, showing a rooster print on an armchair with an oriental rug in a cottage-meets-traditional setting.

Navajo Rug Cleaning and Restoration
Antique and modern Navajo rug cleaning and restoration is provided including speciality oxygenating hand washing of Navajo rugs, cold water wash and gentle hand scrubbing to preserve wool texture and color, mordants and dye setting, moth proofing chemical utilization, air drying, rug de-bleeding pet stain removal, and rug restoration. Specialized Navajo rug cleaning chemicals and enzymes get rugs their cleanest.

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