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Rug News
News about the rug industry includes advertisements and links to rug resources. Rug industry news and rug trade show information is included, as are a list of rug vendor links and their websites. Another section of useful rug industry websites is also noted. A rug education tab includes information about basic rug making, classic rug text, broad perspectives in the rug business, powerful rug sales tools, Flokatis rugs, and the U.S. machine made rug industry.

Caring for Your Oriental Rug
If itís time to clean or care for your Oriental rug, these simple tips can help you do so without spending the money to have it professionally cleaned. Tips include vacuuming rugs regularly, going back and forth in the same direction. Rotating the rug as often as possible helps as well, and padding can stabilize and protect the shape of the rug. There are instructions for spot cleaning when you need to, and information about how and when to consult a professional to clean an Oriental rug. For spot cleaning, it recommends neutralizing the sport by blotting with club soda or a mix of half-white vinegar and cold water, and repeat as necessary. It says to not rub the spot, that some Oriental rug dyes can bleed upon contact with liquids. Before the area dries, comb the pile so it blends with the rest of the rug. A cleaning fluidi similar to Afta works well for tar or dirt and hard-to-remove stains. For removing most dirt stains, a rug detergent similar to Stain-X seems to work. It recommends blotting with a Turkish towel of toothbrush.

Floors on has about 40 presentations—photos with captions—pertaining to floors. Here are some of the how-to topics: fix scratches in hardwood floors, stain and seal hardwood floors, fix loose ceramic floor tiles, fix damaged pile carpet, repair vinyl sheet flooring, replace broken ceramic tile, measuring to buy ceramic floor tiles, get a room ready for floor tile, get wood floors ready for sanding, replace vinyl floor tiles, find replacement ceramic and clay tiles, clean mildew from concrete, clean mildew from concrete, measuring to buy resilient floor tiles, calculating the amount of carpet you need, a DIY flooring calculator, a calculating the amount of carpet, vinyl floor, or ceramic tile you need, paint wood floor, should you hire a pro to sand hardwood floors, refinish a hardwood floor, replace damaged areas of hardwood flooring, repair stains, nicks and scratches in hardware floors, lay out a ceramic tile floor, install a ceramic tile floor, tips for laying carpet, clean and deodorize your carpet, remove old tile flooring, lay laminate flooring, fix curling vinyl tile, fix gouged, cut or scratched sheet vinyl, level slanted floors, and how to install a screw jack to level your floor. And several presentations show you how to fix a squeaky floor, that is: carpeted, caused by gaps between the subfloor and joist, caused by gaps between the subfloor and the finished floor, and how to fix a squeaky floor with a metal cleat.

How to Shampoo Your Oriental Rug in-Home
If you are lucky enough to own an Oriental rug, you have artwork for the floor. But all artwork must be up kept. Some are inexpensive and machine made, but others are genuine oriental or Persian rugs, kaleidoscopes of wool knotted by hand. These rugs are so durable they can last for generations, which also means they can get quite dirty, so proper care and cleaning is essential. This article is exclusively for wool oriental rugs. It advises to use a professional service (though not an in-home service), and these instructions are for those who really want to know their rug in a way which most rug owners do not want to be familir with. It also says that just because several coloar are colorfast does not qualify all colors as colorfast. It says not to attempt the instructions when the carpet shows signs of water run on a colorfastness test or is of light color. The entire procedure could take all day for a 9X12 rug. It also advises to wait for a clear and sunny day with little to no humidity in the forecast. It also says not to clearn your carpet on or near grass. It's a rather complex, 12-step process, and suggests you get an assistant for help.

Collection of Carpet Care Tips
This page at has numerous links to articles on how to take care of carpets. This includes how to protect carpets from damage and prolonging their lives and beauty. There is a dedicated article for DIY (Do-It-Yourself) carpet cleaning techniques, including which cleaning products should be avoided. Also included are the different vacuum cleaners for carpets that they tested and recommended. The article stressed out that no carpet is stain proof, and all carpet treatment products can also improve their ability to remove stains. Nevertheless, the post explained some causes of carpet stain and how they can be removed.

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