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Braided Rugs
Marge's Braided Rugs is an excellent commercial site to learn all about braided rugs. Marge custom makes every rug she sells, so no two are alike, doing it the old fashioned way, completely by hand. Designing a braided rug is an art form, and she makes some of her most popular rug patterns available on the site. Each pattern has two parts. Part one gives the number of feet of strand for each color in the rung and the number of yards of material needed for that color. The material needed is based on 60" wide yardage using her 4" wide strand method. An additional 10 percent has been added to allow for different tension in braiding and lacing by different braiders. Each pattern contains information for three different sized rugs. The second part of the pattern shows the colors for the 3 braid strands in each row. Available for purchase on the site is a set of two DVDs created by Marge on how to make a braided rug. At the end of the videos, you should have made a braided rug, and once you've mastered the content, you should be able to make any size, style or color of any oval or round braided rug.

Kids Carpeting
If you're looking for high quality carpet and rugs for everything from playrooms to classrooms, you've come to the right place! Our fun flooring is extremely stain resistant for easy cleaning, and antibacterially treated to protect kids. Dense nylon fibers make them tough and durable. A full line of nursery rugs and educational patterns are offered in kid-friendly colors. Products include laminates, wall to wall, nursery, fun patterns, educational rugs, nature, explore the world rugs, sports rugs, solid colored rugs, city street rugs, blacklight rugs, religious rugs, custom made rugs, grown up rugs, college rugs and carpet pads. A carpet information section includes tips on buying carpets, information about carpet allergies, carpet installation, carpet pads, carpet fibers and kids carpets.

Using Rugs to Decorate with Style provides tips, videos and gorgeous photos to help you decorate your floors in great style with area rugs. In this feature on HGTV, six top designs share how they use rugs to transform their designs. There are 15 photos and two videos. Here are some examples: A family friendly design takes into account that children and pets will bring wear and tear to a rug, so you want to use a wool rugs that cleans easily has some pattern to hid inevitable signs of life, such as stains, shedding, hair and spills. One designer recommends making the size the area rug slightly smaller the area covered by the furniture, and prefers the front two legs of sofas and chairs be place on the rug. Another designer believes a good run can anchor the entire composition of a room; it can bring something unexpected. Don't be afraid to use a bold color or rich pattern, she says. Neutral walls and furnishing make it possible for a bold rug to take center stage. In this scenario, a rug can really help if you don't want to commit to a strong color on the furnishing or window treatments. Another designer says an area rug's shape will depend on the furniture and shape and size of the rooms. For example, in dining rooms, she recommends a rectangular rug with a long table, a hexagonal rug with a square table, and a round rug with a round table.

Do-it-yourself Carpets and Rugs
The section on carpets and rugs on offers a lot of useful information. Several articles cover carpet installation: general installations instructions, how to install it on stairs, installing carpet tile, and how to recognize carpet installation scams. Perhaps the most useful information will be all the articles on cleaning rugs and carpets. There's cleaning tips for wool rugs, how to make your own rug cleaning solution, silk rug cleaning do's and doníts, jute rug cleaning instructions, how to clear a sisal rug, how to clean a chenille braided rug, how to remove stains from a braided jute rug, tips on the durability and cleaning of wool versus cotton rugs, removing staining from Persian wool rugs and cleaning the fringe on Persian rugs. You'll find information on which carpet cleaning equipment works best, and who you don't need carpet cleaning machines, and the best carpet cleaning methods you don't even know about. You'll learn about carpet cleaner shampoo alternatives. Several articles are devoted to oriental rugs: how to remove pet hair and stains from them, general cleaning instructions, will furniture damage an oriental rug, is a rug pad necessary, how to keep a runner from slipping, and how to replace the fringe.

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