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This online flooring products retailer has a lot of good tools (e.g., calculators) and articles for the consumer on flooring topics in its Flooring Library found in the navigation section at the bottom of each page. The have articles on the different flooring materials: wood floors, laminate, bamboo, vinyl, tile and stone, and cork. They have articles on carpeting and rugs, such as the pros and cons of various carpet fibers, install your own carpet with carpet tiles by Milliken, sports themed area rugs, carpet stain protection and carpet warranties, and guidelines on the fundamentals of decorating with carpet. One article evaluates the green-ness of new flooring, i.e., how eco-friendly are some of the flooring options that are being touted. There's a good article on carpet scams and tricks. The article mentions the bait and switch method. The carpet dealer gives you a carpet book from the manufacturer, but when you choose which swatch you want, the salesman marks a more expensive carpet on the contract that you've already signed. Another popular scam is over measuring. The salesman measure the area to be carpeted, shows you a carpet and says he can give it to you for $10 per square foot installed and that since you have 160 square yards, the cost is $1,600. You go shop that carpet and cannot find it for less than $15 per square yard, so figure this is a great deal. Problem is, you really only have 80 square yards instead of 160, so you've paid $20 per square yard. You've been had. The site provides guidelines for the installation of hardwood floors.

How to Fix Ripped or Torn Carpet, the publisher whose motto is Making Everything Easier, provides a 9-slide presentation with photos and copy on how to fix ripped or torn carpet. The tools you'll need are heat-activated carpet tape, seam iron and utility knife. Use the knife to life the edge of the seam or rip, and maybe lengthen it. Remove the old carpet tape from both side of the seam or rip. Know cut a strip of heat-activated tape long enough to fill the entire lifted edge. Lay the heat-activated tape into the seam, shoving it under both edges of the seam and fasten both edged to the seam. Slide the seam iron into the seam to heat the first section of tape. Do one 8-inch section at a time, pressing the edges of the seam down into the heated tape for about 30 seconds, and then move till you reach the end of the seam, then remove the iron. Now press down firmly on the seam edges to make sure they stick to the tape. And you're done.

Rug and Carpet Information on provides a lot information on flooring (rugs and carpets) topics, from selecting, buying and installing, to decorating and cleaning and maintenance. Explore the advantages of carpet beyond beauty and learn how to select flooring for your home. Learn about carpeting's comfort, safety, noise reduction benefits and more. One of the key design elements in today's home, carpet provides a wide range of decorative possibilities and functional benefits. You'll get decorating tips for how to choose flooring using colors and shades. The site offers information about major rug manufacturers such as Nourison Rugs, Octans Carpet, Shaw Rugs, Tibetan Rugs, Couristan Carpets and Beaulieu Rugs. There's also a section on carpet paddling, decorating tips and trends. Learn the various techniques for repairing carpeting, cleaning carpeting and gluing carpet. The Seamster, a tool that repairs torn rug seams, is highlighted, as is an elastic adhesive for wood flooring.

Bathroom Flooring Options
According to LoveToKnow Home Improvement, if you're planning on new flooring for your bathroom, you've got a choice of many materials, from carpet and hardwood flooring to laminate and tile. The choices have never been greater. If you do decide to choose carpet for your bathroom flooring, make sure that you either lay a border of vinyl around the bath, toilet and basin which can receive the most of the splattering or invest in a few good bathmats to protect your carpet from wet feet and soap and toothpaste. Solid hardwood can also be damaged by moisture, but it looks beautiful when installed correctly—make sure you have it installed professionally, and that it gets many coats of waterproof sealant to protect it. Laminate bathroom flooring has always had wet floor limitations, but depending on the type of installation and the type, it can be used in wet areas such as bathrooms, kitchens and conservatories. Best bet in selecting laminate is to make sure the flooring you choose is warranted for the bathroom. Stone is an option with almost no moisture problems. Granite, marble and limestone are popular for bathroom. You want textured stone so it's not slippery when wet. The main complaint with stone is it can get cold, though you can install an electric heating grid underneath it. Ceramic tiles are also waterproof and fairly inexpensive, and come in many different styles. But like stone, it can be slippery and cold.

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