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Rug and Carpet Care: A Comprehensive Guide
This article at has a detailed explanation on how to take care of rugs and carpets. The first part focuses on how to reduce the chance of rugs and carpets getting dirty, as well as different types of cleaning methods. The second part talks about proper removing of blots and strains. The third part discusses the importance of HEPA (high efficiency particulate arresting) filters in vacuum cleaners. The fourth part is about the different kinds of materials used in carpets and how to clean them. The fifth and last part explains the different kinds of blots and to how to carefully remove them.

Four Steps For Proper Carpet Care
Modern carpet fibers are designed to hide dirt and grime as much as possible. This can be a blessing for a homeowner, but it can also end up shortening the lifespan of the carpet since the area rug or carpet may not get cleaned as often as it should be. Soil can damage the fibres of a carpet if allowed to stay in the carpet too long. Regular cleaning, even if the carpet does not appear soiled, can extend the life of the carpet or area rug considerably and improve the appearance immeasurably. The first step is to vacuum high traffic areas often and regularly. Removing lose soil from the surface of your carpet or area rug prevents the razor-sharp particles of soil from working their way into the carpet or area rug's fibers and doing permanent damage. Remember that briaded rugs, like Capel braided rugs, may require a slower vacuuming motion to get out ground-in dirt. The careful and regular cleaning of carpets is the best thing you can do to extend not only their life but their original beauty as well.

How to Install Carpet on a Basement Floor
This post at was written by the DIY experts of Family Handyman magazine. Here, two options of installing carpet on basement floors were explained. Option A is when homeowners have damp floors in their basement that should be kept dry. In this option, it is being recommended to install a vapor barrier before placing a wood subfloor or any kind of carpet pad. On the other hand, Option B is recommended for floors that are generally dry except when they have small amounts of moisture that evaporate through the slab. But for both options, it is suggested to seek assistance from professionals.

Rugs for a Kid's Room
Brighten your child's room with an area rug designed and made especailly for a kid's room. Kids want their rooms to be fun and great looking. You can achieve both goals with an area rug designed and made especially for a kid's room. Learn to coordinate the vibrant colors of a kid's rug with linens and drapes for a look that is both fun for the child and coordinated for the adult. Learn about soil and stain resistant carpets and area rugs that are made in the colors and patterns that kids and teens want most. Who knows, with a carpet in the exact colors and patterns that kids want the most, maybe your child will even be inspired to keep his or her room clean...but perhaps that's asking a bit much from an area rug!

Don't Get Ripped Off: The Hazards of Buying Carpet
The website gives some information to help you avoid the most common scams used in selling carpet. It tells you seven carpet truths: there's no such thing as free lable, an invisble seam, a stain proff carpet (though Triexta comes close), no miracle fibers, no Formaldehyde in today's modern carpets, the life of the carpet depends on your lifestyle, and installation is everything! The site explains about eight of the most popular scams. Here's the titles of some of them to give you a flavor: the whole house scame, the private lable scam, the guaranteed lowest price scam, the I can buy it wholesale, and the old switcheroo. Have you ever wondered if buying a carpet or rug online is a good idea? This Web site advises against it. If you get a sample in the mail, it may not match the rest of the roll, first of all. Second, if there is a defect that does not show up until after installation, i.e. sidematch problems, then again, you have no way of getting satisfaction from the seller when it comes to paying for the installation a second time. But the best reason not to buy carpet online is that selection is so limited compared to your local floor-covering dealer, who probably has more options for you. Recommendation: go to your local dealer and save the Internet shopping for other house wares.

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