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Flooring Basics - Tips and Resources
A wonderful collection of helpful and informative articles on a wide range of flooring, carpeting, and rug styles and their proper uses. Start with tips on how to choose the proper carpet for the right room, complete with a wonderfully helpful section entitled Before You Buy. Continue with an informative page of tips, illustrations, and sources for a variety of flooring types—from tile to carpet and hardwood. Don't stop there. The next article covers tips on carpet fibers, installation guidelines, and technical info. Click the "Residential" button under Selecting Carpet and Rugs for the best tips. There are articles on carpet scams and how to avoide being overcharged. There are articles on carpet stains and how to deal with everything from mildew, to fading, to color change, to smoke damage, and much more. There are a lot of addition articles, covering virtually every aspect of carpet, area rug and floor care, purchase and installation.

Decorating With Oriental Rugs
According to this site, the easiest and affordable way to add pattern, color and texture to your home is via traidtional-style Oriental rugs. This feature on the Australia stie seeks to give you all the information your know about these rugs from the east and decorating your home with area rugs. How do you go about buying an area rug that's right for your space and right for your sense of style? This site offers 8 expellent tips for purchasing area rugs. First, measure the space that needs to be covered and do not purchase an area rug, no matter how wonderful the rug might be, that does not cover the space needed. Know whether your area rug will be in a high-traffic or low-traffic area and keep in mind the kind and amount of light that your rug will receive. Examine the rug for imperfections before buying it. Bear in mind that certain small imperfections are a trademark of a weaver and are not necessarily bad. Look for tight, even knotting on the back of the rug and look for a soft pile on the face of the rug. Buying from a liquidation sale or an auction may not be a good idea since you may not be able to return the rug if it turns out not to be what you needed. Area rugs should not be placed in direct sunlight (color fading) or in damp places which invite mildew. There is a great deal of additional information and helpful ideas for purchasing and caring for a wide variety of area rugs.

Types of Interior Flooring
This section on will teach you how to choose and compare all types of flooring, from carpeting, rugs and laminate, to hardood, vinyl and ceramic tile. Thirteen subcategories in interior flooring are outlined, with links to several articles each: bamboo flooring, carpets and rugs, concrete floors, cork floors, hardwood flooring, laminate flooring and natural fiber flooring. A section about cleaning your flooring and information and tips is also included. That section has basic flooring information, as well as carpet scams and information about how to clean rugs. There's a separate article about carpet tiles as an alternative to traditional carpets, as they're versatile, easy to install and remove, and are available in many different patterns, styles and colors.

Before You Buy Your Area Rug
If you're in the market for a rug, check out the Resources section on The Rug Merchant website, especially the page Before You Buy. It gives you a really good list of the things you should know before you purchase an area rug. There are five fundamentals steps to laying down the idea rug: 1) size and shape—elementary but essential information, with some good advice to measure at least twice, and also if a rug is for under the dining room table that it's largest enough to cover pushing back the chairs; 2) color—whether muted or vibrant is a key factor, so that it's right for the location and expresses itself as your work of art; 3) pattern—one of the most helpful elements in narrowing your selection after size and color (in the industry, pattern is divided into the three categories of cuvilinear, geometric and pictorial); 4) style—and clearly the goal is to find one that matches yours, from floral to contemporary to traditional, the character of the motifs, colors and patterns of the rug; and design—all rugs can be divided into one of three major designs: all-over (motifs spread throughout the rug), medallion, where a large centerpiece is the focal point, and one-sided, which the design is woven in one direction. The site also offers tips on buying an antique handmade rug.

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