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Rug Cleaning and Caring Guidelines and Tips
This page at is only one of their 8-part Rug Guide section. Here, readers will learn the basic guidelines on how to clean rugs and the types of vacuum cleaners that would be ideal for use. There are also some specific recommendations in cleaning area and accent rugs, depending on the size. This includes those rugs with and without Latex Backing. However, the article reminds homeowners to always follow manufacturer's own recommendations specified on the product label. This is to avoid the rug to be damaged and to prevent warranty invalidation. Some of the topics included in the section are about knowing the right rug size, rug construction, and others.

All About Flooring
This section about flooring on has many helpful articles filled with usable information on various types of flooring. Begin by skimming the brief article descriptions and decide if you would be interested in additional information on a particular subject. The subjects presented include exotic wood flooring, synthetic flooring, laminated flooring, hardwood flooring, stone flooring, and more. You'll find a wide range of article, on topics from how to find the right flooring for particiular environemnt and installing carpet tile, to what is basement floor sealer and how to waterproof basement flooring. There's advice on residential flooring and commercial flooring. Learn about carpet remnants, ways to make your floors last longer, the benefits of parque as a dynamic surface covering to add energy and excitement to living rooms and dens, as well as ideas for bathroom floor tiling. You'll also find interesting articles such as, Is Your Flooring Making You Sick?. It may seem unlikely, but there are actually a number of ways that your flooring can have a deleterious impact on your health. There are also numerous articles on cleaning different kinds of floors: granite floors, parquet floors laminate, hardwood, and general kitchen flooring. Several articles discuss self adhesive floor tiles. We've just scratched the surface of the wealth of information on this site.

Rug Cleaning Tips and Advice
This page provides advice on some useful topics for clearning rugs. Home cleaning, vacuuming, repairing and professional cleaning (which is recommended every six to 12 months) are discussed. It is advised that area rugs should never be cleaned in your home because it could possibly damage the floor underneath and lead to molds or rot from incomplete cleaning. Before you need to have your rug deep cleaned, the site says that vacuuming is a good defense to keep your rugs in tip-top shape. You should use entry mats to collect moisture and soil before it gets on your carpet. Before vacuuming rugs, turn them upside down and back top them, repeating several times. If you do get damage, the sooner you repair it, the easier it will be as well as less expensive. It's also possible to use conservation techniques to fortify a fine rug to better resist wear and tear.

All You Need to Know About Rugs
All You Need to Know About Rugs is the slogan of the website While that may be an overstatement,there's a lot of good information here, especially in the For Rug Owners section. Topics include what to do about pet urine, bugs, storage, shag rugs, rug dyes and what makes them bleed, what you need to know about synthetic rugs, and more. This site offers hints, tips and advice on purchase, use and care of a wide variety of area rugs and other types of rugs. Area rugs come in a number of colors and a variety of styles, everything from braided, to shag, to wool, to woven, to hooked and many other sytles. Area rugs are designed to cover just a small area. When purchasing an area rug always measure the area that needs to be covered first and never buy on impulse. Color and size should be prdetermined ahead of time. Know ahead of time what kind of area rug you are looking for, hand knotted, woollen, woven, braided, hooked, tufted, rag, Oriental, shag, Flotaki, Sisal, Tibetan, Persian, etc. Know the shape as well as the size you are looking for before you start your purchase. It makes a great deal of difference whether you are looking for a square, round, oval or some other shape to fit into a particular place. Be aware that older rugs often cost more than newer rugs, but be further aware that some rug dealers give their rugs a chemical wash to make them appear older (and more valuable) than they really are. Lastly, when you buy a rug of any type, be sure to ask the dealer for specific instructions for washing and cleaning the rug.

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