D.I.Y. Home Lighting Projects

DIY Landscaping Lighting Tutorial
Outdoor lighting can transform a drab curbside at night into something dramatic and unique. But that does not mean you have to break the bank just to put up a landscaping light scheme. This tutorial from Thrifty Décor Chic offers an enlightening take on DIY-ing your outdoor lights. It is a rather long post because it tackles everything from figuring out how to position the lights in your yard or garden, choosing between path lights, deck lights or floodlights, determining cable length, matching and assembling lights, down to the installation itself. Installing the lights are fairly quick and easy and the results are beautiful!

How To Build a Plant Light Stand
This article on Vegetable Gardener gives detailed instructions on an easy-to-intermediate DIY grow light stand made entirely of PVC, with the required metal hardware. The cost is less than $60.00. The article lists all the supplies you need and provides step-by-step instructions and photos for construction.

Huge Compilation of DIY Light and Lampshade Projects
Craving for wonderful lampshades? Create your own using this huge collection of DIY light and lampshade projects on HubPages.com. Here, you can browse some lamp making tutorials such as how to create your own Starry Night canvas art. Among the notable ideas presented here are recycled CD lamp, drilled can lanterns, jar lanterns, wire ball pendant light, ruffle lamp, and hanging globe lights. There are also links to articles explaining some creative ways to decorate paper lanterns. You can also watch some YouTube video tutorials on how to create different styles of creative craft lamps.

You Must Be Able to See in Order to be Seen
The members of a small band find themselves playing in dark corners more often than they are comfortable with, so the problem becomes how do they build a portable lighting grid that not only allows them to see what they are doing, but which allows the audience to see them in a flattering light as well? The information found on this site can be adapted to a number of lighting needs. Such things as size and type of bulbs, the proper indoor lighting fixtures to secure the bulbs, transporation of the system and the bulbs for maximum efficiency, plus bulb color, proper lighting height, and a discussion of the proper controller or dimmer for low voltage lighting. The site ends with a discussion of the proper cables and the final prices for the completed lighting grid.

Home Electrical and Lighting Projects on This Old House
The electrical section on This Old House's website offers how to fix wiring problems, installing and using dimmer switches, lighting for senior citizens and lighting for nicer home decoration. Home lighting falls in three categories: ambient, task, and accent. The main living areas of a home should have a flexible combination of all three. Ambient lighting provides general illumination - the background brightness that gives a room a comfortable glow. It helps you move through a room safely and easily. Indirect uplights, such as wall sconces, light rooms softly and evenly for a diffuse effect. For senior citizens, increased wattage and luminosity are just the beginning. Not only does an older eye need a 100-watt lamp where a 60 once sufficed, but it also needs consistent light, whiter light, and glare-free light.

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