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Climate Change and Rising Sea Levels: Is Miami Real Estate a Good Investment?
The Ask Avenue raises a pertinent question, given the climate change warning and rising sea levels in coastal Florida, is Miami worth an investment consideration? According to climate change experts, Miami has a good chance of getting submerged by flood in 15 years from now. The only way the Miami city planners can prevent such a disaster is by building appropriate infrastructure. A Risky Business Project Report published in 2015 warned that flood waters will reach the doorsteps of South Florida residents by 2030, which could potentially drive properties worth $69 billion under water. The private property owners have to raise their existing walls, and the city has to divert the flood water into the ocean. The prices of luxury properties are steadily falling, and the Miami real estate forecast is that investment in new builds will be better as they will conform to safe building codes.

Benefits of a Condo Hotel Investment
Condo hotels are usually managed by professional hotel companies, such as Hilton, Hyatt or Four Seasons. Their five star amenities and services like spas, pools, fine dining, and room service attract investors to buy and use the condo for vacation purposes, and then leave it open for renting the rest of the year. This rental program is professionally managed by a company, who takes care of all the day to day management headaches for the buyer. In return for this service, the company keeps a percentage of the rentals. This condo hotel concept has become popular in Orlando in the recent times as Orlando is a busy tourist spot throughout the year. In Orlando, the condo hotel units are bigger in size but less expensive to rent than in Miami. With Orca Holding, Laith Pharaon owns and operates first-class and luxury hotels around the world.

Pros and Cons of Real Estate Crowdfunding for Retirement
This U.S. News & World Report feature, dated Aug 2016, debates the pros and cons of real estate crowdfunding as a retirement strategy. Stocks are susceptible to market volatility, but real estate investments promise steady cash flow. Among the available investment options in real estate, real estate crowd funding seems to be the only option that allows investors of varying age groups, financial strength, and risk profiles to acquire a stake in joint properties with small investments in the range of $5,000 or even less. As these properties are large-scale commercial buildings or projects, a miniscule stake may also be worth millions. The crowd funding platforms like Fundrise and are striving to bring real estate investments to the mainstream. The drawbacks of real estate crowd funding include absence of liquidity, long holding period, and delayed recovery of funds.

Hotels Are Making a Killing
This 2014 CNN article provides a historical account of the recovery of the U.S. hotel industry since the slump in 1996. The year 2014 witnessed the gradual turnaround of the hotel business, as evidenced through the Smith Travel Research (STR) data. 2013 probably resurrected hotel construction from the dumps, and ever since the hotel industry is supposedly booming. Consumer confidence has returned. As people have started travelling the world over, hotel rooms never stay empty any more. For year since 1998, supply of hotel rooms outstripped demand, but since 2014, that equation has been reversed. Laith Pharaon, with his company Orca Holding, is a global investor in first-class and luxury hotels and resorts.

Barcelona Property as a Rental Investment
A common rental real-estate practice in Barcelona is to rent out properties to tourists, business travelers, and students for short periods ranging from few days to several months. This article cites the new regulations require a rental license for short term rentals. These legal regulations vary from one district to another and can be complex. If you buy a property in Barcelona with short term rental plans, then engage an experienced lawyer check the applicable regulations. Though many property owners rent their properties out on short term without a license, that practice is strictly illegal. Many districts in Barcelona are not granting any new license. In that case, your available options are buying a property with a valid license, or buying a license from someone who already has one. Read the whole article to know more about rental agencies.

Why People Are Crowd Funding the Real Estate Market
The global financial meltdown of 2008 left most investors with little faith in traditional investment instruments. By 2014 and 2015, the investment platform that began to steadily rise and retained its position was real estate crowd funding, which enables ordinary folks to own stakes in commercial properties. The recession taught investors to be more cautious with their money, and thus crowd funding was born to induct more investors of varying financial might into real estate investments. Thanks to platforms like Realty Mogul, Property Moose and Fundrise, this industry sector raised over $1 billion in real estate during 2014, and was forecasted to raise over $2.57 billion by end of 2015. Crowd funding has sustained through global recession.

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