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Canada Safety Council Offers Safety Tips for Seniors
If you are looking for safety information geared specifically toward seniors, the Canada Safety Council web site is well worth surfing over to. Several interesting articles are posted here, including ones about how to lower the risk of injuries from falling, both in the home and on the street during winter months while taking walks, hazards associated with prescription medications and how to stay safe when surfing the Internet. Seniors have special safety concerns around the house and the articles on this site address dozens of safety tips covering virtually every aspect of potential danger for seniors. You need to learn how to make the home more safe for those seniors who must use a walker or a wheelchairs or other mobility device, how to make the bathroom safe for seniors through the use of handrails, and hand-held shower attachments. There are also ways to make bedrooms and living rooms safer for older citizens.

Get the Facts About Asbestos Exposure and Cancer Risk
This page by the National Cancer Institute is about asbestos exposure and disease risk. Find out what this material is, how it was traditionally used in home and building construction. The page explains what the health hazards to asbestos exposure are, and who is most at risk for becoming ill due to exposure. You'll learn what factors affect the risk of developing an asbestors-related disease. It explains why smoking contributes to asbestos-related disease and how this condition is diagnosed. A list of programs and organizations to help those who may be considering making an asbestos claim is provided.

6 Useful Tips for Guard Dog Training
In this post at, experienced dog breeder Louise Lawson writes the six important tips on how a dog can be trained to become a guard dog. On top of the list is how owners can be sure that they are really capable of conducting guard dog training. This can be done by talking to a highly-experienced professional dog trainer. The four other tips are about teaching dogs how to be obedient, bark on command, be familiarized with the surroundings and property boundaries, and react to strangers. The sixth and last tip is about the responsibilities of dog owners.

Stay Safe When Using an Outdoor Fire Pit
Using a smoke-free propane fire pit is a good choice for any outdoor space. This article points out why you should think about including one in your back yard or patio and points out the advantages of choosing one, which include ease of start-up and shut-off when you are finished. The ability to cool down the unit quickly and an adjustable flame height are also important considerations. Take the information posted here and use it to make the right choice for you.

How to Keep Your Apartment Safe
Apartment dwellers have the same needs for a safe and secure home as those who live other types of accommodation. Check out this list of helpful articles from the web site to discover how to stay safe while using an elevator and how to talk to your children about using this device appropriately. Helpful hints about composing an answering machine message that won't reveal that you live alone and using the building's intercom safely are also provided. You will also learn how to choose the right home alarm company and get suggestions for setting up your own Apartment Watch Program.

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