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10 Easy Steps to Declutter a Closet on HGTV.com
Featured on HGTV.com, Buttoned Up founders Sarah Welch and Alicia Rockmore share their eight steps on how remove clutter from closets. Their first recommended step is to make an assessment on the problems that caused the clutter. Then, make sure all family members should participate. You should start by removing everything inside the closet and sort them. Donate the clothes that you donít usually wear and throw away those that are not usable anymore. Make sure also the items you returned are properly organized. The last step is to reward yourself for a job well done.

Garage and Storage on About.com
This series of articles brought to you by About.com is primarily concerned with garage storage. Get tips on organizing the garage and storage areas. Gain the ability to find items in storage once they are needed. Maybe you'll even compact the stuff in the garage enough to drive your car in and shut the door. Articles include how to set aside a garage clean up day and actually make it fun for the whole family. Learn how to store seasonal clothes properly so they are bug and dirt free when you need them again. How to organize a garage sale, how to clean a garage, starting with the stains on the concrete and working your way up from there. There are tons of tips from a variety of experts on organizing and cleaning your garage and even your attic.

Closet Organization on About.com
If you're like more people your closet is a mess. You keep meaning to clean it out and organize it, but no matter what you do nothing seems to help. You'll find a lot of information on closets, closet organiztion, closet storage, and more, on About.com, which provides many links to closet design and organization websites so that you can learn how to best plan your spaces for maximum efficiency and organization. One interesting concept included here is the Closet Carousel. According to the site: Now .you can have more storage capacity with unequaled convenience. With the push of a button The Closet Carousel creates the extra storage space you've dreamed about. If you have a minimum closet size of 4'6" by 6', The Closet Carousel will make your existing closet space more efficient and your new closet space both practical and luxurious. With the Closet Carousel there's no need to hire expensive consultants, because the closet Carousel organizes your closet like magic. You can see before and after shots, read all specs, even read about the special situations that your Closet Carousel will help solve. In addition to the Closet Carousel, read all about the Kitchen Carousel for getting rid of all that clutter in the kitchen. Sometimes it just seems like the closet is overwhelming. If your closet has you throwing up your hands in despair, then maybe its time for you to check out this site and see if the Closet Carousel is the answer you need.

Kitchen Organization
Because kitchens are the heart of each home, this article details ways to organize your kitchen. Sections include kitchen layouts, refrigerators, mixing centers, sink areas, food preparation centers and cooking centers. Typically a kitchen may have: a sink center, a food preparation center, a cooking center, a serving center and mixing center. Some centers will overlap because they use the same appliance, others may overlap out of necessity because of lack of space. For example, the washing center and the food preparation center both use the sink. The cooking center and the serving center may also overlap because of a lack of counter space.

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