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Chiropractic Treatment: What Chiropractors Do
This article at was based on a text by a chiropractor named Jan Hartvigsen, and was reviewed by Dr Jeni Worden, GP. The first part explains the definition of chiropractic and what to expect when someone visits a chiropractor, which includes the procedure and examinations being done. After the healing was done, chiropractors are also said to be giving suggestions to the patients on how they can prevent low back pains in the future. There is also an explanation about spinal manipulation and soft tissue treatment, as well as the other pains that chiropractors can treat.

The Path to Total Natural Health
The Place for Achieving Total Health, PATH Medical is a patient care center for complete health care devoted to body and mind wellness. Based in the northeast, it offers complete primary care, and treats neurological, psychiatric, cardio logical, gastroenterological, pulmonary, gynecological, and hematological disorders. Children and adults are treated here and you can use the Web site to learn more about alternative medicine. Services and highlights of the PATH Medical system are highlighted and one can join and get free health information and a free phone consultation with one of the doctors.

Kiatsu Healing
Kiatsu is the part of Aikido that focuses on the healing of injuries. It involves the application of pressure - usually from the thumb, or with three fingers (excluding the pinky) - onto that part of the body that is causing problems. As you press, you send positive energy, or ki, into the recipient's body. Kiatsu Ryoho (press with ki therapy) is about harnessing the infinited ki energy of the universe and delivering it to others for healting. This information page by Aikido Health Centre explains the five principles of Kiatsu Ryoho and also includes information about Aikido.

Natural Holistic Health Care for Pets
This site provides details on holistic care for animals including homeopathy, acupuncture, chiropractic, nutrition, phone consultations, Referrals and related information. Dr Larry Bernstein is a holistic veterinarian who can help you care for your animal companions in a natural way. Information about the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association is included.

Chiropractic and Homeopathic Options for Back Pain
If you are suffering from back pain and are considering your options,'s web page on back pain treatment can provide valuable information on chiropractor options, in addition to homeopathic treatments. The web page offers general information on chiropractors and osteopaths, such as what training is involved to become licensed, what their scope of practice typically is, and who may want to avoid seeking out a chiropractor's care. There are also helpful links to other back pain relief options, including yoga, pilates, medications and even acupuncture.

Bastyr University, a College of Natural Health Arts and Sciences
Bastyr University is the world's leading institution of higher education in natural health arts and sciences. It was founded by three naturopathic doctors who named the school after their teacher Dr. John Bastyr, a respected Seattle naturopathic physician. It has two campuses in beautiful bucolic settings: Kenmore, WA on the outskirts of Seattle, and San Diego, CA. Although it started out as a naturopathic medicine college, in now has programs in many natural health disciplines, from acupuncture and midwifery, to nutrition and psychology.

Finding Organic Herbal Remedies for All Conditions
Search here for herbal remedies broken down by medical condition. Included is information about Alzheimer's disease, acid reflux disease, breast cancer, irritable bowel syndrome, fibromyalgia, diabetes, ovarian cancer, lung cancer and more. Each condition link includes more links related to the condition and a wealth of more information about natural health pertaining to that topic. There are articles and book reviews, and links to find a naturopathic doctor near you.

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