Specific Types of Gardening

Doctor Greenfingers' Online Gardening Advice
Doc Greenfingers offers a "gardening help and advice clinic" for gardeners. Tailored for UK residents, but beneficial for everyone, you can read about jobs you can do each month in your garden. Learn how to grow fruit, vegetables and herbs by getting tips from experts. Read up on how to get your lawn looking green and weed-free. If you are a beginner gardening, you can get lots of advice on how to start a new garden. Learn how to remove and control weeds and pests. You can also get advice on buying seeds and planting them. Each section has a clinic-type name, which makes the site fun.

American Camellia Society
The American Camellia Society is a national organization dedicated to fostering appreciation for and knowledge Camellias. Founded in 1945, the Society is headquarted at Massee Lane Gardens near Fort Valley in central Georgia. This official website offers information on how to join the society, in addition to information about camellias. You can learn how to grow and care for camellias; and find out about camellia show dates.

Vegetable Garden Watering Tips
Water is very important in a vegetable garden, especially when it makes up 80-90 percent of the vegetable's "fresh weight". This site offers tips such as suggesting the use of an inch of water per week in the summer. Water can either be provide via the garden hose or by Mother Nature. Water affects fruit size, yield, and quality, so refer to this site to make sure you are watering your vegetable garden correctly. This site provides information in the form of nine tips.

The History of Hydroponics
This page on Camp Internet's Global Gardening Studies is a long essay on the history of hydroponics. Although hydroponics has become increasingly popular with modern technology, the practice of growing plants without soil has developed from the findings of experiments carried out to determine what substances make plants grow and the composition of plants. This work dates back as early as the 1600s. However, plants were being grown in a soil-less culture far earlier than this. Hydroponics is at least as ancient as the pyramids. A primitive form has been carried on in Kashmir for centuries. And there were the floating gardens of the Aztecs of America. The process of growing plants in the ocean goes back to about the time the earth was created. But as a farming tool, many believe it started in the ancient city of Babylon, where the famous hanging gardens are listed as one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. It was here that was probably one of the first successful attempts to grow plants hydroponically.

Feng Shui Garden Design Tips
Nowadays Feng Shui has many different applications. Have you ever thought about using Feng Shui in the garden? This section on About.com has articles that will help you create and design your garden with items, colors and natural elements to give it the energy brought by feng shui design, and the more feng shui energy you put into your gardeing, the more healing energy will be contributed to your home energy. ARticles includes such information as the top 10 garden decor products for feng shui garden design, and feng shui design for adding a water feature to your garden. Most of the tips are simple and useful, such as "have a clear walkway to your door", "add a water fountain," or "create a herb garden."

Irrigation Tutorials
If you're interested in do-it-yourself learning about irrigation, you've hit the motherlode with IrrigationTutorials.com. The site is not affiliatwed with irrigation, springler or relatwed equipment manufacturer, supplier or installer. The tutorials, articles and FAQs are categoried under the topics of Designing a New Irrigation System, Saving Water & Irrigation System Operation, Repairs and Fixing Irrigation Problems, Reviews of Irrigation Products, and a miscellaneous category called Is your question not answered here?. You'll learned about such topics as sprinkler irrigation design, drip irrigation, irrigation pumping, spray and rotor-type sprinklers, and much, much more. The site even provides detailed drawings, and a collection or spreadsheets for various purposed related to irrigation (e.g., for Pressure or Friction Loss in Pipes and Tubes.

How to Choose Hydroponic Grow Lights
There are many factors to consider when choosing a grow light for your hydroponic garden. This website gives practical information such as how to figure out the square footing of the area you want to light. If you're stuck between choosing a high pressure sodium or metal halide grow light, this site suggests the metal halide fixtures for vegetative growth, and the high pressure sodium for flowering. Reflectors are also included here, and is noted as the most important part of a grow light because it's is the deciding factor in the amount of light reflected upon the plants and how uniform the light is.

Flower Bulbs and Garden Trends
The International Flower Bulb Centre provides information on bulb basics, spring flowering, cut & potted flowers, US bulb regions, bulb history, forcing bulbs, naturalizing, where to buy, landscaping, floral trades and information on the bulb industry. This easy-to-navigate site will take you through everything you need to know about growing your own bulbs.

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